Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 500 MG has the potential to:
-Promotes relaxation
– offers relief for sleeping disorders
-Enhances focus and increase attention span
-Reduce inflammation
-Relieve for joint and muscle aches
-Support normal blood sugar level
-boosts the immune system
-Reduce head and neck tension
-Improve daytime mental alertness at mild doses.
-Soothes irritated skin
-Aids digestion and support urinary tract health


-Open the bottle and remove the dropper
-Squeeze the dropper to let the force of air pull liquid into the pipet portion
– Ensure that amount of liquid in the dropper correlates to the serving size on the bottle so that you can accurately measure out the dose.
-Placed the dropper under your tongue (subliminally) and squeeze the top to disperse the liquid into mouth. Allow the product to rest under the tongue for less than seconds before swallowing. Do this for every dose, usually twice a day or as directed by a healthcare professional. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct light.
SUMMARY: The best way to take CBD Oil:
CBD Oil uses vary from person to person and what works best for you is ultimately what we feel is best. Trying different products for different applications should be seen as part of the fun. It’s so Versatile!
This being said here we feel the ultimate best way to take CBD oil is:

-Secure your suggestive dosage
-Take your CBD oil subliminally first this is the optimal CBD oil experience.


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Covid-19 Re-opening

The well-being of our clients, our team and our families remains a constant focus to us.
Safety and sanitation has always been a priority, but especially in times like these.
Thank you for continuing to put your trust in Sassyshek Salon.

Salon Notifications
We have a few new protocols that are attached to our Salon health and sanitation guidelines ordered by CBD and Government officials.
We are in good shape as for as following recommendations to

Please arrive as close to the time of your appointment as possible. We ask that you stay in your car until the start time of your appointment.
Services will be rendered by appointment only 1-3 persons in salon total.
We ask that clients arrive solo.
No additional guest are allowed in the salon. (Anyone without an appointment should stay safe and stay home) Of course, children with appointments are welcome and maybe accompanied by an adult.
All clients must wear a mask and gloves or optional.

Product testers have been removed as well.
All products may be purchase on the website, scheduling an appointment to visit the salon or by curbside pickup
Please call to reschedule if you are not feeling well before an upcoming appointment due to a fever or have cough due to illness.
If you have been exposed to anyone with Covid-19, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.
If you are awaiting results for Covid-19, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.
Stay Safe and Stay well!